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Jack And The Weatherman | The Lucky Ones LP

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Finally their eagerly anticipated debut album is ready for release: The Lucky Ones. Because that’s what they are, those two friends from Haarlem who found each other by odd chance. Two guys who realise how extraordinary life is, and who write songs about it. Cheerful songs on first listen, but with a deeper layer for those willing to listen. And every day more and more people are willing to listen to their songs. They’re ready for take off, they’re the lucky ones: Jack and the Weatherman. Their hit single ’Till The Sun Comes Up’ has been streamed millions of times and is on this album.

1. The Lucky Ones
2. Flying
3. In The Morning Sun
4. Out of Control
5. You And Me
6. Change For You
7. Till The Sun Comes Up
8. Rays Of Fire
9. Dreaming
10. We Are The People
11. Belong
12. The Geese


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